This may not be true of newer versions of Ubuntu. So yes, I did a dry run first making sure I had an eyeball as to where everything was. First off, here is an updated cardlist for the cx driver that is used with the amongst other tuner cards: Packing it in for the night for this puppy. In that instance, the capture card part of the menu would show no card is available to use.

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These cards usually don’t work “out of the box” with linux. Go to the terminal lspci -v Your tuner card should be listed. I’ve got Kaffiene loaded but it keeps throwing back no device available, obviously I’m doing something wrong. With all due disrespect to the development team: As a Microsoft idgit I’m used to following instructions letter by letter, also how I was taught.

I am uninstalling the version of Myth and reinstalling from the Ubuntu Software Center Console, it has the newer versions. On the right hand side of the page, you have different download options. Then I thought, man this Linux TV option just sucks ten times worse. Often no mythbackend is available because the person installing Mythtv entered passwords during installation and should have left them blank.


Mygica driver x8506 database

The modeprobe fix is limited to one card and I found the results to be poor as far as video quality and sound sync were concerned. I scrapped following tip from http: Mythbackend should boot to its menu even if no video card is installed. I tried to look up some information around the web.

Ok kiddies here’s what dumbass has done so far. I just remove the 1 and put in a 9 so it reads “0x”.

At this point rerunning Ubuntu load from scratch is looking real good, if nothing else to clean up the files and perhaps get it recognized when it details the hardware devices. For example, I have a My statement was more of a general one. If you can afford it, sometimes you are just better off buying jygica new one that is known to work well with linux. I followed your instructions but on the capture card setup, it lists my front end Id as a samsung s5h qam.

I would appreciate any help on this very much. Conclusion at this point the cable box is wijdows some interference and cannot be bypassed.

If you have your cable running into a set-top-box and then into your card, try running the cable directly into the card and mygifa my previous instructions. You can check if it is recognized in the OS by following the instructions in “How to tell if the TV card is recognized” below.


Tampoco hace falta que revises a cada rato a ver que hice Saludos.

Installation steps First shutdown windoss if you have Myth installed. I am not clear from what you have posted if this is a password problem with Mysql database server. It won’t give a “card number”. Perhaps you should post your problem on a new thread with your card type in the title.

Still no results on a QAM search, I tried that early on.

Hauppauge modelrev E2F5, serial [ The Card is there, and runs fine, or it did under Windows. Is this something I can create in Nautilus or am I stepping out of my league. VCT cable filter timeout dumping lists 7 services Done.

My 7 computer now become perfect ordinary PC

In that instance, the capture card part of the menu would show no card is available to use. The little trick I tried with the cards file didn’t really do anything substantive. Find your card type as listed above such as: