Pentaho Data Integration step. The SQLServer download page http: Support for JDBC4 methods is limited. This is by no means exhaustive or ironclad:. If we omit the new methods, then our code remains incompatible with JDK 1.

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There have been various attacks on this see Mailing List Discussions. Views Page Discussion View source History. Pentaho Data Integration step.


The general policy for Farrago is to segregate client driver dependencies enforced via macker so that these can be compiled to target older JVM’s.

I could not find mention of JDBC 4. Allows new foreign data wrappers e. When we compile under 1. This means that if we start implementing any of the new JDBC 4 functionality, we’ll need to either compile multiple client driver versions, or figure out how to make a one-size-fits-all client, maybe using the olap4j factory technique described by Julian.

The jTDS driver http: But for JDK 1. I grepped around in the 1.

Retrieved from ” http: No mention of 1. Allows the system to be backed up consistently while queries and ETL are running, eliminating downtime; incremental and compression options minimize archival storage and bandwidth.


Tables lucifdb be loaded directly from external sources via SQL; no separate bulk loader utility is required for performance, loads are never logged at the row-level, yet are fully recoverable via page-level undo jdhc the SQL: If we omit the new methods, then our code remains incompatible with JDK 1. However, bugs like this http: The rationale is that we would like to be able to support connectivity from as many applications as possible, even older ones stuck on legacy JVM’s.


The SQLServer download page http: The challenge is that in JDBC 4, some existing java. Now, when we compile under 1. Otherwise, attempting to compile FarragoJdbcEnginePreparedStatement will result in an import ambiguity error.

High performance and greater cache and disk effectiveness because LucidDB can almost always predict exactly which disk blocks are needed to satisfy a query. FRG describes a known issue running on 1. Allows report execution to sync to a particular global database state such as last successful ETL so that queries never see intermediate inconsistent states; jdbd trickle-feed ETL, and may be used to eliminate the downtime imposition of an ETL window.

For now, the dummies are just empty interfaces; if we actually want to start implementing some of JDBC 4, we can copy the necessary declarations from java.


LucidDB Features

Allows LucidDB to connect to heterogeneous external data sources via foreign data wrappers and access their content as foreign tables. Allows new functions and jdbcc to be developed in Java and hot-plugged into a running LucidDB instance; LucidDB also comes with a companion library of common ETL functions applib.

This is by no means exhaustive or ironclad:. Plugin jars are self-installing via deployment descriptors. Older versions of postgres appear to use the dynamic proxy approach.

Support for JDBC4 methods is limited. The driver builds, but the majority of new methods are stubbed out. We would like to have a transition hdbc during which both JDK’s are supported.

The next section documents the approach we are actually planning to take.

Can scale to number-crunch even the largest datasets in limited RAM via skew-resistant disk-based partitioning.