It’s your last hope to restore an unbootable system running an NT OS. In the device manager it says that the driver is not installed. Maybe someone will straighten me out before the weekend. Usually when you install Windows, it doesn’t install the aspi layer by default. I’d start crawling the MS KB or just reformat and start from scratch after a file backup to another drive. Do you also have a dvdrom player like Windvd or Powerdvd?? OK nero info tool says the following:

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So just keep us liiteon on your progress, and we’ll see if we can’t come up with a solution if those listed above won’t work.

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I’m not very good with words as you can see, I guess I’m trying litoen say, Thank You. Nero does not like other authoring and burning software I will take your advice and clean things up. A round about way of fixing a problem, but it worked. That might get you back in.

Don’t worry it takes much more than this for us to tire of someone. If you replace with a new drive, then you can put the old drive in the computer as a slave, and still be able to access the files. I’m not going to mention any thing about how smart it is to have a backup system that works well. CodeKing, thanks for the quick reply. If you have the emergency repair floppy, you might be able to save the installed software. Do you already have an account?


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I have oiteon full versions also If I had known that up front, I would never have loaded it. You could cope wnaspi I’d start crawling the MS KB or just reformat and start from scratch after a file backup to another drive. Does not excuse MyDVD not having an uninstaller, either Learning something everyday from this forum.

Ask a question and give support. This system is used as a server with Apache aapi. I went thru all the same steps as the Lite-On drive and reinstalled the windows drivers for it.

If that fixes your problem, all you have to do is install the burningprogram of your choice and use that instead, whilst still having VOB installed.

Maybe to late for me-MyDVD~Lite-ON-ASPI killer – VideoHelp Forum

I can get my files, I’ll just slave the drive to the XP drive. Have you tried re-installing VOB? Nero does not like other authoring and burning software. The time now is And what I wanted was not easy azpi buy.


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Check out post 2 above. Last resort is to format the HD and install Windows, I guess, or another board,, or a bigger hammer puke: Thanks for the very quick reply.

But they never do, do they? It should show ASPI 4.

I was dilgent and tried to research, but I really was counting on some help here. But after that last shock treatment, I’m a little cautious as I don’t know though there is no mention that it’s propriotary too,I suspect aapi is as the Label sticks ASUS the top K-probe is also crashing!

If bios sees it. I believe the latest is either 4. Wouldn’t copy the setup file.