Click on to set up a connection. When you use the SMS, you can always operate in this way to go to the Write screen or select contacts. Saving Numbers You can save the sender’s numbers of the received messages to your contacts. Step 1 Action Click on displayed. Fresh Graduate Software Engineers.

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Saving Numbers You can ec3221 the sender’s numbers of the received messages to your contacts. Huawei mobile driver additionally permits you to continue to maintain your Huawei android hardware. With the EC, you can easily: When the Trash is full and another message is removed to it, the earliest message in this box is removed automatically. You can change these numbers.

Hello Subeesh, I just checked, the link is working. Standing for read messages. If you use the Low-speed Data Service Access to access the internet, please consult the network operator for all the information to be inputted. Do not use your wireless device while driving. You can choose to: With the Setting of Sound Alert When there is an incoming call, you will hear a sound alert: However, connections in all conditions cannot be guaranteed.


Once a sound file is selected, it plays on the earphone of data card whenever a new message comes.

Do not place magnetic storage media near your wireless device. Do not place the wireless device on the seat or other places where it can get moving in a sudden stop or collision.

Sending Messages You can send messages to the numbers in the Dialed calls items.

You should never rely solely on the wireless device for essential communications. Excellent post Aviraj, keep up the good work.

And make sure that the UIM card is fully in place. New messages Displays the number of new messages in real time. Switch your wireless device off near high-precision electronic devices.

Huawei eC321 drivers for Windows

Radiation from the wireless device guawei erase the information stored on them. Notice The information in this manual is subject to change without notice. In the blank field behind the “Contacts”, enter numbers directly with semicolons “;” as the separator. Happy Browsing Back to top. Option Description Prevent Standby or Hibernate To prevent the computer from standby or hibernate mode. In case the driver is outdated, you have to update it.


ᐉ Huawei eC driver windows 10 for free

Step Operation and description 1 From the “Choose Profile Name” field, select a profile you want to modify. E3c21 lifetime of NFC is simply huzwei started, and soon it is going to be everywhere. Please make sure that the EC Manager has been installed before the EC card is inserted into the computer. Sending Messages You can send messages to the numbers in the Missed calls items. Now, here is a trick. All other trademarks mentioned in this manual are the property of their respective holders.

The SAR value is measured in a standard mode.

Copying and moving messages cannot be executed between the mailboxes of different types.