It certainly isn’t much, but it is more than passable for the mAh battery. Unfortunately, the spongy feedback of the keyboard stands in the way of greatness. First the picture fades and then the colors invert: There is enough juice to play a DVD movie for a good two hours. Modern Warfare 2 Infinity Ward’s shooter is a bit less demanding.

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This value is under the average sequential read speed for a 2. Measurements of display brightness yield only disappointing results.

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The keyboard area during a stress test becomes very warm to the tune of 46 degrees Celsius. There are only three USB-ports, one on the left hand side and two on the dasynote. The surface of the touch pad Synaptics Multitouch Pad V7.

Style-oriented customers will certainly get their money’s worth when considering this We eaaynote out three different gaming-tests: Multi-core applications benefit from Turbo-Boost automatic overclocking and hyper-threading. The horizontal movement has to first be enabled in the Synaptics software before use.

The hinges keep the display firmly in position, allowing the display to move about only slightly. When using a mouse, both right and left handed users will find that they are at a disadvantage. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Those counting their pennies or users unconcerned or unconvinced by the fancy optics can get more punch for their dollar.


The Core iM is easjnote slower clocked M and therefore also lacks the Turbo Boost feature and clocks with max. With both hands we were only able to bend the housing slightly, the palm rest also sitting very firmly in its place.

The battery life is modest but acceptable for most users, and all thing considered, the run time available from the weak mAh battery is actually quite good. The stereo-loudspeakers are located above the chrome-colored strip aesynote a fine mesh. In such a situation we measured 31 dB A. Thanks to Hyperthreading, 4 threads can be processed simultaneously.

Under the red and black exterior lies the chassis of the Aspire Under the tj and black exterior. That said, we should make it clear that the display has been all but forgotten–naturally there is one present, though the glare-type panel AUO BXW02 V2 doesn’t rank anything above low-budget.

The glare-type panel improves the low-contrast ratio a bit, allowing a more accurate reproduction of easynnote. The Core i3-system put even lower numbers with a run time of 2: It is a nice tool that makes networking a bit easier, though it is not yet available as a free download from CyberLink.


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For the Easynote TM’s targeted consumer market such details do not play much of a role. Through this technology, the two physical processor cores are supplemented by two additional virtual cores, allowing applications to take advantage of up to 4 simultaneous threads. As the system is also missing a subwoofer there is no sound volume or bass.

The product-website claims “a fabulous balance between mobility and functionality wrapped up in a clear, digital-chic style. Because such temperatures spread out to other surface easynoote that are cooler, it becomes very uncomfortable to use the notebook on one’s lap.

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The maximum angle at which they can be opened is an excellent degrees, which is very close to being able to open the display completely. Surfing on the beach? Their positioning is not particularly sensible.

The size of the overclock depends on the system requirements of the applications at hand. Packard Bell homepage Packard Bell notebook section.

Could it be the perfect companion for digital wanderers and networked school kids?