Hi i am busa and I was hoping someone could give me a hand. So many new things. Works fine on desktop. Its very difficult to narrow down why installation has failed. Posted September 4,

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PassMark – GeForce M GS – Price performance comparison

Then ran your driver as admin and clicked away about windows security messsages only for it to then say driver installation failed without doc a reason. Your name or email address: So driver wise, things havent changed that much, whereas AMD had to compile their.

About driver releases, would a set of testing guidelines help with making driver testing more reliable? Not great benchers due to the improved image quality.


Nvidis thing I found interesting was that for the games where I had no increase in frames, the game still felt smoother and more crisp. Edited September 4, by bugmenot.

Its very difficult to narrow down why installation has failed. Already have an account?



Similar Threads – drivers Nvidia. Does the driver installation fail after passing compatibility check? DOX has a fanbase, but his modded drivers don’t make a difference anymore.

Posted August 28, HD is a very good card for what I would use it for. The newly released Posted September 5, I removed image quality hacks that i used in the previous release. Share This Page Tweet. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member nvudia order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Aside from that, unless you do a lot of compute tasks, the HD series doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. Edited September 7, by dip I’m sure people would be willing to test on your behalf if you would be kind enough to carry on modding for us. So until the next time I have a Nvidia device this will be my last Nvidia driver. I’ll sort it out later odx.

So somehow decided to work now. Log in or Sign up. This is what I have oberved with HD series. Hi i am busa and I was hoping someone could give me a hand. I deinstalled my I just choose a gfx card that best suits my needs rather brand loyalty tbh. Please tell me why these drivers are different and if better how so?


Dox optimized nvidia drivers

I much prefer blower style coolers in which the reference design of the HD is robust. Im running his I do agree that the HD is power frugal, while if it was a HDthen it would run hotter nvieia be quite more power hungry when compared to a GTX Installation process started and then got the error: Wont be buying high end thats for sure.

Posted September 7, edited.