All replies Drop Down menu. I have had no issues with iTunes after cleaning my computer! So much for being “sure” my system was clean. I’m glad you got this working. So, I experienced the same issues with the newest iTunes update. If I select package type that supports only 64 bit systems proper DIFx dll are taken. Also suggested was trying to repair QuickTime and iTunes.

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Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. We are here to help. I would suggest you to refer the links and check if it helps. So this appears to still be a known issue in AI v7. A lot of programs lie, and occasionally masquerade as something else. I will definitely help you with this issue. I added the MSI log file – please see line How does Windows decide which folder to open files from?

What is the “ghipykuhu” folder doing in my program files? The files found were all related to the Win Install driver only if device is already installed When the Install driver option is selected, checking this option installs the driver only if the device that requires the driver has been physically connected to the system.


When the Install driver option is selected, checking this option installs drivers that have not been digitally signed, or have missing files.

If so, are you still planning on supporting this in a future release?

Is this correct or can we solve the problem by simply not installing the driver on x64 systems? The other thing to note is that the Windows 7 is a clean install, so the only other software installed is Orca and VMWare Tools – could I be missing something that is required by AI? Do not create Add Remove Programs entry for driver When the Install driver option is selected, checking this option will not create an Add Remove Programs entry for the driver in the Control Panel.

Driver Install Frameworks (DIFx) Support

Location details taken from this post http: Force installation even if driver is not a better match than existing driver. Because you use a specific language, English United Kingdom this marked your application as being localized.

Mine worked fine after the upgrade but then this started all of a sudden. When the Uninstall driver option is selected, checking this option will remove all files that were copied onto the system as part of the driver installation, including files that may be in use by devices attached to the system.


Post it all here. Why does our PC have two program files folders, and why is one of them x86? When uninstalling a driver, this command processes only the dixf file specified in the Inf file field.

DIFx for x86 and x64 – Advanced Installer

What was the origin of the “Program Files” folder? No registered users and 2 guests. After having Avast remove these files Failed If this field is not empty, the supplied variable receives the number of drivers whose installation failed.

Who is online Users fifx this forum: DLL to install drivers on this machine.

Computing is often like sex, it pays to use protection if your not certain. Vijay Korupolu M Replied on January 3, It will be available in Advanced Installer 8. Got a bug to report? Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post.