Confirm settings and current offset compensation 6. Integration method for power measurement is also provided. When the current signal distortion will be less than voltage. The Power Efficiency Softpanel integrates the Chroma’s electronic loads and AC Sources to provide an effective method for power efficiency testing and recording of data using the test report function which automatically generates a report at the completion of testing. Add to Inquiry Cart Data Sheet.

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Chroma 66200 Series

External chrom voltage signal input terminal Measurement function setup indicator. The Smart Range function is one of the most important new features added to the power meter. External Shunt is an alternative method when the measured current is greater than the 30Arms current range. Six selectable voltage ranges are available up to V. Displaying the amplitude of V for fundamental frequency. Confirm settings and current offset compensation 6. Another parameter, Delay, it can help users to ignore the peak value B after the trigger point A.

Voltage measurement input terminal Users can easily select desired parameters and readouts at a touch of a button. It is suggested to turn this filter on when measuring harmonics.


Chroma Series Digital Power Meter | TTid

Harmonics menu and IEC function 7. A Rack Mount Kit for 1 unit. Access to store function menu Additional features include a recording function which can record selected parameters and write data to a file for further analysis. An accumulated energy approach method i.

The provides 10 selectable current measurement ranges from 5mA up to 30A. Included measurement data is as following:. Use the AC Source synthesis function to generate a voltage waveform consisting of V at fundamental frequency 50Hz and 3rd harmonics with 22V as amplitude and 30 degree as phase angle.

The Model includes a 2-shunt design to provide highly accurate readings for both low and high current measurements. Power integration, inrush measurement and limit function settings 9.

The new standard has included interpretation, calculation and implementation methods for analyzing the measured power and the analyzing process is complex and time consuming.

Users can set the loading and test steps on the software. A Window Mode method that calculates all data within the user-defined window time is recommended.

662200 information is based on manufacturer’s data, however it should be noted that some accessories may be dependent cjroma additional adaptors or product options, and may be only applicable to certain variants within a product series.


Measurement mode selection and status indicator 3. Product Details Chroma’s new series Digital Power Meter is designed for single-phase measurements of AC power signals and related parameters common to most electronic products. The harmonic measurement display function when enabled will show the amplitude, phase angle of each harmonic order on the front panel displays.

Series Model Price Accessories. When the voltage signal distortion will be less than current and more stable, thus voltage is selected as sync signal source. A Voltage and current measurement cables for Parameters measured by Modelthe include: In order to resolve this, the Power Meter Softpanel chromma included the required data analysis feature and provide users with easy to use interface to carry out the standby power measurement according to the international standard.

The following example demonstrates the harmonics display function. OFF, Hz and 5.