These three strings are values of properties in the IIviIdentity interface. So my first fault were the front panel settings, and my second one was a missing NULL modem. You used the word “connected”, but did not say if you where sending and receiving messages. If you see an error about wscript. You can install the driver by double-clicking on the file. I was planning to use the power supply in a dynamically controlled system, but unfortunately it always takes a few seconds to change the voltage level.

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Setting the ID Query? NET, Service Pack 2 is required. However the close VI and the error query also seemed to have problems, which means that I would have to disable the error query in all of the other sub VIs of the driver LabVIEW could read back some number of bytes but still throw a timeout error. Install The installation package for the driver is distributed as an MSI 2.

Solved: Agilent EA – Page 2 – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

I somehow think it would be a bad idea to just ,abview all the stuffs and hope fopr the best Message 17 of Only one interface can be enabled at a time. You used the word “connected”, but did not say if you where sending and receiving messages.


I guess the 8-ball is working fine today. If you install the.

We have a number of laptops using USB to serial converters to talk to meters and power supplies. So my first fault were the front panel settings, and my second one was a missing NULL modem.

NET framework late, you can use agllent file: You can download the help viewer from: I am meanwhile able to connect to the device via RS and to control it successfully. Is it normal that remote control is that much slower than manual control?

This utility does not remove any IVI drivers. You can’t tell if you are “connected” to a device until you actual try to send and receive messages.

NET Framework itself is not required by this driver. I did not know this was not accepted and agilwnt not plan on playing someone off against someone else.

The remote interface can be selected from the labvied only. Try another USB to Serial. However I found out that I am obviously able to make a connecttion even if I just plug in the converter not linked to the device, so JUST the converter As soon as the problem is solved I will post the solution everywhere I asked for help.


Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies E3640A

This seemed to work, but the next error appeared when it tried to reset. See the section on installation in this document for information on what other software is required by this driver.

This operation actually runs: The supported model numbers are: Revision History 1. That really was the mistake. Spoiler Highlight to read You are not the first person to forget the front panel setting for external control source!

Keysight Technologies / Agilent Technologies hpe364xa Power Supply

Is it an NI device or 3rd party? The current address is displayed momentarily on the front panel when you turn on the power supply. Message 15 of If you are actually sending and receiving commands to the power supply, then what you have must be a NULL modem. Accepted by topic author Keksbold.