I am willing to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. Edited October 16 by NoOne One of the best Sim Racing hardware reviewers takes us on a detailed tour of one of the best turnkey Direct Drive Force FeedBack wheels on the market. The AccuForce V2 will be made available in three different packages. The AccuForce Pro V2 offers the same great performance as the V1, utilizing the same highly acclaimed core components controller, motor, quick release, adjustable button box, Sim Commander software and genuine suede steering wheel.

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Team Engineers and other professionals may choose to dig deeper in to the Sim Commanders tuning capabilities. From the impressions everything on that event was better than Accuforce, so you can scratch that one off the list. Sep 12, 3. All warranty claims require a Return authorization number.

Thanks again for the reply. Here’s how the prices break down. We take quality control VERY seriously.

Advertise With the growing success of the website and the ever growing traffic that comes with it, also monthly costs increase. I have demoed an Accuforce v2 and it felt great, but i’m wondering if i’m missing anything with the OSW and the soon-to-be-released Podium.


Accuforce v2 vs. OSW vs. Fanatec Podium DD1? Which one is the best?

Thanks Beef for the honest feedback. Why Should You Be Chosen. Do you think the HE pedals are a worthwhile upgrade over the ClubSport v3 pedals? I don’t know how much of a pain it is accuorce the button box and paddles, care to comment?

I’d also buy something that has local support.

AccuForce Pro V2 – Complete | AccuForce Pro V2 Steering System Complete

One free USB 2. Mounting 3rd Party Steering Wheels. The included Sim Commander 4 software offers a physics based alternative to simulation game provided force feedback.

It came equipped with a GTX video card.

Are there any other forums selling used equipment? Sep 12, OSW servo drive unit: Edited July 18 by Slapsticksammy. If you’re chosen to participate, we’ll notify you by email including the test time frame, how to purchase and other important details.

Bsimracing is powered by: The simplest document to refer to is on Granite Devices. This functionality has previously been available only to the most well funded race teams.


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In the rare event of a product failure, we will promptly repair or replace the defective accuforfe in accordance with the following: If so, let us know. Novice users can choose to utilize a pre-made setup or simply alter intensity on a per effect basis. Packages arriving without a return number will be returned at the owners expense. Mechanically it’s simple in this respect which ought to make it largely bullet proof like other direct wheels.

AccuForce V2 Pre-Release Public Test Sign Up

Controller Plug Descriptions and Dimensions. For example the above post mentions that OSW has a large controller box. When designing mounting systems and evaluating safety concerns, please design for a 16Nm peak servo torque scenario.