To turn off the message and prompt for scripting purposes, use the quiet option. Background tasks have attributes of slot id, start-day-time, duration, and status. Unless there is a BBU or UPS installed, to avoid the possibility of data loss in the event of sudden power loss, it is recommended that nocache be specified. Typically, the summary consists of an Enclosure section, a Fan section, a Temperature Sensor section, and a Slot section. The following shows the supported matrix as a function of controller model and logical unit type. Various show commands also show a percent completion as rebuilding progresses.

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Each activity can be managed by a set of commands including adddelshow and set a task. For bit OS users, it is recommended to keep the policy on unless users know their OS supports more than 2 TB disk devices. Eskalad and series 4.

Creating a jbod in 3Ware 8000/9550

The number of elements in the buffer is determined by these configurations and the memory constraints of the system. If the Auto-Carving 88000 was ON at the time the unit was created and the unit is over the carve size default is 2TB-1multiple volumes will be created and displayed at the end of the unit summary table.

Finally, the extended drive statistics refers to statistics of a drive’s read commands, write commands, write commands with FUA Force Unit Accessflush commands, and a drive sectors’s read, write, and write commands with FUA.

Please note the Block and Serial information could be obtained with the specific show attribute command, or the “show all” command. In this output of the drive summary, the drive type, controller phy number, enclosure slot if applicable, and model of the drive are also displayed. This command provides specific focus related help, illustrating various ways to use the focus command.


Some drives do not support any queueing policy, this policy will have no effect on those drives. This report does not include off-line units or removed units. Read Cache Basic is used to store data locally on the controller that has recently been written to media and is likely to be frequently accessed. Particularly the scheduled time windows of the background verify tasks need to be defined. Non-redundant drives, which are part of a unit, can not be removed.

If autocarve has been set to ON, then the sizes of the volumes for that unit are set to the specifed carve-size or the default. This command controls the audibility and state of the enclosure alarm.

This command is for series controllers only. In the information table, the PowerSupply column lists the IDs of the power supply, the Status column lists the status of each power supply, the State column indicate if the unit is ON or OFF, the Voltage and Current columns indicate whether the voltage or current is under or over the required thresholds, and finally, the Identify column lists the Identify setting of the power supplies.

This feature is supported on theSA and SE with supporting firmware controllers.

3ware Storage Management CLI

This command provides specific commit related help, illustrating various ways to use the commit command. While this is a valid CLI command, but since the arguments to 3awre are first processed by 3wxre shell, then some shells like csh 1 will interpret the ‘? The voltage and current columns indicate the threshold voltage and current status. This is because the unmute setting is the default and as such there is no error response.


The Low Latency setting has been described above. The new and improved command format follows a general grammar in the form:. The battery is estimated to last for 72 hours from the last tested date. The default qpolicy is on i.

This improves read access times for applications such as a database that can take advantage of storage caching. Otherwise, no firmware initiated or manually started rebuild tasks would run. However, the RAID-1 to single migration path is a special case.

For example, given 6 disks, specifying 3 will create two RAID This command presents the queue policy of the firmware. If you set this option to rebuildthen only the rebuild task will be applied. It is important that you allow migration to complete before adding drives to the unit or move it to another controller. This command shows information about the specified enclosure alarm. Note that focus is available as default.

The controller will update its list of ports attached 3waeeand visits every DCB Disk Configuration Block in order to re-assemble its view 3wage awareness of logical units.