All three AGP cards provided good overclocking ability, which was nice to see. Fri Apr 07, Thu Apr 06, 7: Fri Apr 07, 3: Thu Apr 06, 6: The NXGT-VTD card requires an external power source through the molex power connector on the top right hand corner, so be sure to plug it in before starting up the PC. The MSI card overclocked slightly better and had a more comprehensive bundle packaged with it, while the Gigabyte model came with newer games.

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Thu Apr 06, 7: Privacy policy and Terms of Use. There’s a set of very obvious conclusions to draw here, especially considering that the order of finishing in our benchmarks hardly changed at all If I try to download and install the latest, winXP fails booting and all I see is a black screen with 3 mmsi dots on the top right.

If you are planning to upgrade your video card soon, consider moving to a PCI Express 6060gt system at the same time.

This setting controls the number of frames which are rendered and held in advance of being displayed. Catch all of PCstats latest hardware reviews right here. Thu Apr 06, 9: Fri Apr 07, 1: When it comes to processors, motherboards, memory or hard drives, each technology moves in small evolutionary steps.

My MSI 6600GT AGP is crap… nVidia driver tweaking software?

The default mwi 3, however by lowering this setting you may be able to gain a slight performance improvement, you can resolve mouse lag problems, and even prevent graphics freezes in certain games. Others with non MSI cards had no problem. The fact that this card will work with non-SLI motherboards though only in single GPU mode obviously gives it a little flexibility.


All of our GT cards gave more or less equivalent performance, making it hard to choose between them. Both represent excellent value.

If you are a gamer looking for top-notch performance at a not so high price, you might want to consider investing in an SLI motherboard soon! All three AGP cards provided good overclocking 6600vt, which was nice to see.

Nvidia Geforce /GT Videocard Roundup –

Thanks for the advice I’ll keep them in mind for my next driver war. Could you imagine a dual-slot cooler in the first days of the GeForce? The coolbit is just a registry tweak to display additional options in the nVidia panel, so I guess its not a bad idea for anyone to install it.

GirgleMirt Ars Praefectus Registered: I had somewhat similar issues albeit with an ancient MSI MX SE and I had to do a clean install of Windows to make sure that nothing was left from the previous drivers before successfully installing the latest nVidia Drivers. We couldn’t help noticing all of these cards’ higher prices and lack of SLI though.


If you flash the card’s BIOS to an nVidia reference version you shouldn’t have any problems using their drivers. When I first got it I used the msi drivers.

For most people however I recommend either ago, 2 or 1 at the lowest as setting a value of 0 can disable the performance benefits of dual core CPUs for example. In fact some of the after market videocard coolers sold presently 6600bt up three PCI slots, and they are typically dead silent too.

When it comes to bundling goodies with their hardware, MSI is tough to beat. I never had any issues.

Support For NXGT-VTD | Graphics card – The world leader in display performance | MSI Global

Beginners Guides Cases and Access. Experiment by setting this value to 2 first, and then if necessary try an extreme value like 0. Related Articles Here are a few other articles that you might enjoy as well Change “Max Frames to render ahead” from 3 to 0.

For mainstream cards, this seems to be the best current value. I’d have to hunt down mobo info but that might be it. Sucks I know but it worked for me.