Some operations were extremely slow. HotSync software is also included. We do carry multiple items in stock for most of our products and will first attempt to replace the item before providing a refund. It’s just too thin. Holding the back button for slightly longer instead selects the Palm OS menu from the current application, which can also be augmented with up to 3 shortcuts to regularly used tasks from: We do have the ability to cover return shipping in some instances at the discretion of our support team if you’re able to print a label. During the holiday season, we do ship most weekends.

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While it’s a good deal thicker than the T, it’s at least a half inch shorter. Don’t get rid of them! This is now a device that we can recommend.

Sony PEG-SJ20/U Clie Personal Entertainment PDA Organizer 16MB w/Expansion Slot | eBay

In this case, I’ve placed it next to its predecessor, the Sony T see image below. Tablets su20 Rick Broida 10 days ago. If I go to delete it from the memory clue program is there, but I just can’t seem to run it.

The SJ20 has a lot in common with the T I recieved the device as a gift, and didn’t know that the screen was black and white, it took me awhlie to figure it out I am not fond of the gray scale display.


The interface connector appears to be the same used in the T and NR series, so accessories that use it such as charging cables should be compatible. Only the first 50 comments are displayed within the article. If there is a problem with the product, you must contact us within 30 days of arrival so that we may resolve the issue within your warranty period.

All items are warehoused in MN and ship within one business day after your order.

Brighthand Reviews the Sony Clie SJ20

So I decided it was pointless. Photographs of the new units actually look a little odd because we’re so used to seeing a taller profile.

In practice it works very well with most applications and can be selectively disabled for those applications which do not. The SJ20 and the upcoming SJ30 comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which appears to be accessible using the battery compartment door.

Sony PEG-SJ20

The only problem is the battery must be recharged before it gets too low, or you cie lose your data. However, I don’t hear a lot of complaints from other people about this stylus so maybe I’m carrying out a one-man campaign.

Lithium-ion rechargeable battery internal. Skip to main content.

Brighthand Reviews the Sony Clie SJ20

The Power button is on top. Handheld batteries aren’t designed to perform well this way. Then I used the SJ20 normally.

Nonetheless, I appreciate their solid s2j0, excellent screens, and diminutive profile. The effect is reminiscent of a black and white television screen, or even a newspaper. They aren’t very useful if they are always good. To contact lcie, please click on “ask a question” at the bottom of any of our product listings or simply click “contact us” on our store banner you may be asked to sign in again. This new design appears more solid and friendly.


Does it appear to be white LEDs or fluorescent or electroluminescent or? One of the advantages of monochrome screens is they use much less power than color ones and it is good to see that the SJ20 follows this thumb-rule.

Accessories The SJ20’s flip cover is black and clips to the back then stretches over the top and then down the front of the handheld. The only problem I noticed was some “ghosting,” which seemed to be produced by a slow refresh rate. Plus, the unique Jog Dial navigator provides easy access to most of your stored information. What the iPad Pro needs next It’s only a few key steps away from being Apple’s killer computer.

Tracking is uploaded automatically within 1 business day to your order details on eBay for you to view.

It allows the handheld to store a tremendous amount of information and applications.